WFMW: Driving Miss Diva

We recently moved to an area where street names and road numbers are meaningless.  Literally.  You will find three different roads all with the same name and/or number, but none connect.  You can’t even rely on compass direction!  There is one road that goes north and south, but it’s labeled east and west.  And another road that goes east, but is labeled west!  It’s incredibly frustrating when trying to figure out how to get from A to B.  That’s why I started the Get Me There Book.
I start with Google Maps.  Google’s map is awesome, and better then any other’s I’ve tried.  You can even drag the route to a different road if you think you’ve found a better route.I google the directions, write it down, and put it in a little note book.  I always get the directions, then switch to hybrid mode, and zoom in as close as possible to get a better idea of what the location will look like.   The notebook then stays in the car.  when I find myself having to find the doctor’s office again, pull out the paper.  When I find important landmarks (IE: the street sign is nearly invisible, but there is a huge souvenir shop right before the turn), or shortcuts/alternate routes as I’m driving, I write them down on the sheet of paper with the directions.
It’s helped dramatically.   I’ve never been good with direction anyway, but using the book has helped me become more confident about where I’m going, and my ability to get there.

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