How the Kat got her groove back

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So a few weeks ago my littlest boy, DS2, broke his Cd player. The third CD player he’s had since we moved in! I know! I don’t know what this kid does to them, but whatever, they can’t stand up to the pressure.

Since he needs music to sleep by, in a selfless mommy-moment, I took the huge risk of putting my MP3 player in there, loaded up with lullabies just for him. I know. I soo totally deserve “Mom of the month” for that one right?? Well, that or the Dee-Dee-Dee of the month, which is what I would have been calling myself if he had managed to break my Zen.

But, luckily, the Zen survived, and last night we got DS2 a new CD player, and a shelf, because we are so totally not leaving this thing down where he can get to it. (I know, I know, why didn’t we learn that lesson two $20.00 cd players ago?? ugh.)

But anyway… I’ve been totally rocking out all day. Kids? what kids? I got me some Rascall Flatts, Meredith Brooks, Shakira, Weird Al, etc.. ummmm… I need my music like my mom needs comedy DVDs. It’s how I chill. Not to mention there is a song that goes with every event in my life.

High School – Real McCoy’s Run Away, Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This, Milli Vanilli’s Blame it on the Rain (only cuz it was turned into “Blame it on Lorraine” by every idiot in the school. *S*), Ace of Base’s I saw the Sign, and anything from Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill album, Lisa Loeb’s Stay
Summers with the Paint Crew – Rednex’s Cotton Eyed Joe
Summers at the Mall with Paula – Blind Melon’s No Rain, Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit
Meeting my husband – Sammy Kershaw’s Love of my Life
My husand – So many… here’s a few – Rascall Flatt’s Bless the Broken Road, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack’s Come What May, anything Wierd Al (trust me, you don’t want to know why! *S*), 3 Doors Down’s When I’m Gone, anything by Creed, and Shakira’s Suerte, Faith Hill’s This Kiss, Tim & Faith’s It’s your Love, (you get the idea)
My kids – Geoff Moore’s My Dream Come True, Anything by Raffi (brings back memories of my own childhood also), Busted’s Thunderbirds are Go, the Star Wars Theme
Designing – Bowling for Soup’s High School Never Ends
My Dad – Weird Al’s White and Nerdy (reminds me of my sister and her boyfriend too since they are Segway people), Steve Green’s Find us Faithful, the old standyby hymn Trust and Obey (his Fav), and Great is the Lord (it’s Great-t-t! Not Gray! I know He’s been around for a while, but c’mon people!!)
Deployments – Rascal Flatts’ Stand, Lonestar’s I’m Already There, 3 Doors Down’s Here Without You
My Angels – Nickelback’s Far Away, Evenescence’s Immortal
Dealing with depression – Evenescence’s Bring me to Life, Daughtry’s It’s not Over, Rascal Flatts’ Stand
PMS – Meredith Brooks’ Bitch
And yea…. that’s just the short list. There are soo many songs. It’s impossible to list them all. Power in the Blood always takes me back to New Durham Chapel and my childhood, with Uncle Louie up there directing music, insisting we try to get as many “powers” into the chorus as possible…

I love music. I can’t carry a tune, but that doesn’t stop me from singing along, loudly. Despite protests from my kids.

I think I’ll celebrate the return of my tunes, and go get something from… Maybe the new Gwen Stefani, cuz that’s sooo stuck in my head. *S*

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  1. Yep – you definitely deserve a Mom award! I thought the Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani was perfect for Paris’ release date – LOL! You ROCK!

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