Is it just me….

or is there a serious lack of boy-themed books for the 5-8 set?  I don’t mean books with boys in them, I mean books with boys as the lead, with boys being boys.  Books showcasing a good male lead full of masculinity and morals.  To find that, you need to go back to the classics. Even the books I see recommended have strong females involved.  Harry Potter has Hermine.  Edmund and Peter of Narnia have Susan and Lucy.  Even the Magic Treehouse series, which I have seen recommended for this age, the lead boy has a sister that gets involved and goes everywhere with him.  Star Wars books are good, but really, too advanced for this age, and even there, in the new Star Wars expanded universe, there are several strong female jedis, and after reading the summary of the books, it seems that the Jedi creedo of never falling in love is out the window as jedi after jedi pair off.

Oh wait, there is always Capitan Underpants.   Ugh..

3 thoughts on “Is it just me….

  1. Captain Underpants- don’t care for those at all. Luckily for me, my six year old is all about the non-fiction animal books. He will happily read all about snakes and spiders and all kinds of vermin. And they do make them for his reading level as well as the harder to read books with lots of cool pictures. Happy reading. 🙂

  2. I wish… Mine is sucked into the Star Wars universe thanks to Lego Star Wars. I found a bunch of things on Amazon that I will be getting for him eventually, and I bunch of things to look up at the local library… I just get incredibly pissed, when the boys are consistently passed up for more girl themed stuff. Case in point – went to the Bible Bookstore this weekend. they have two cute new series, Gigi and Will. The Will book is super cute, and looks great. But there is only one. Gigi not only already has three books, but there is a DVD also!!! What?? how does Gigi get her cartoon already and Will is left behind? See? This is what I mean. After visiting 3 different bookstores this weekend, I feel like I need to write my own boy-centered books. Thank goodness for, although even there it is slim pickings.

  3. Hey maybe you can write boy themed books. You are a great blogger and your humor is out of this world *S*. I know you are swamped being a mom. But I seriously think you can do it.

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