I so need this…

It’s Gratitude 5 time again!  I soo need to make this one a habit…

1.  Email.  seriously, how did Military wives survive before Algore invented the internets.  I know this was on my last list.. but still.  it ranks up there again.

2. IkeaGoddess.  Seriously, I’m in digi-scrappin’ heaven!  Luvin’ all the templates she finds!

3.  my house.  because it really is *my* house.  ok.. technically it’s his house too…  but yea, whatever.  *S*  I get to decorate it, paint it, give it the TLC it needs…  then DH gets to do all the major repair work in between shifts.  *S*

4.  My kids.  as annoying as they can be, and crazy as they make me, nothing beats the warm fuzzies I get when one of them smiles at me.

5.  Google.  i love Google.  I can find the answer to almost anything with google.

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