Ernesto's Brief Visit

You must have heard about Tropical Storm Ernesto.  You could not live on the East Coast and not know about.  Seriously.  The news organizations were having kittens all over the place because “Ernesto” was making landfall the same day the levees broke after Hurricane Katrina last year. Of course, they kept saying, well, yea, Ernesto is only a Tropical storm…  BUT it might strengthen!  Beware!  Katrina all over!  Ha.  Gotta love the drive-by media as Limbaugh calls them.

I’m not saying the Tropical Storm that hit my house wasn’t bad.  I mean, good grief there was enough wind to blow the neighbors’ HUGE little Tykes climbers around the neighborhood.  But still, it was no hurricane.  I think our max wind gust here was around 50 plus miles an hour.  We did lose power, twice.  But we made the best of it.

When the power went out the first time, I broke out the new flashlights.  The kids had a blast running around with them.  My 19 month old, kept yelling “Yite! Yite!”  It was funny.  We tried playing SORRY with the kids, but really, a 3 year old(my DD) just isn’t old enough to understand the game.  My 5 yr old, got it though, and had fun playing.   The baby had more fun “playing” Operation.  Really he just liked making the game buzz.  *S*

Thankfully, my DD, who hates storms, didn’t get too scared running around with her flashlight.  In fact, they had so much fun last night, they turned out the lights in their room and played Flashlight party this morning.  *S*

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