Don't leave the Light on for me…

Now, I’ll be honest, my home is not immaculate. But there is a certian level of clean I expect in any hotel. True, it was, in the words of my DH, “only a 3 star,” but still. Ewww!

We got in to the room, and discovered all kinds of junk on the floor, including Toenail clippings! Yup. that’s what I said. Toenail clippings. On the floor, between the beds. GROSS!

If that wasn’t gross enough, I pulled back the covers to reveal a twist tie, in the bed.   My  creepy factor just went up like 100%!  EWWW!

So I go to the front desk to complain, while my DH took the kids over to my parents’ room to wait.  The girls came up, and the beds and floors were changed and vaccummed, and all was alright with the world.

Then I made the fatal mistake of trying to take a shower.  Oh my freaking word.  There was hair everywhere!  Not to mention the used bar of soap on the soap dish.  Or the water and hair under the bath mat.  But what REALLY creeped me out…  the used washcloth, still hanging in the shower!  EWWWW!  At that point, I was ready to pack it all up and sleep in the car.  Ick!  Oh. Eww!  Man…  I feel scuzzy just thinking about it!  Yeech!

So, yea, this time my mom went with me to the front desk, and we complained, and the price was knocked down, and the night manager actually came up to the room within 5 minutes to personally scrub the bathroom from top to bottom.

After that, things were, shall we say, uneventful.  I only slept because I literally passed out from the exhaustion of the day.  But I slept fully clothed, and not just because I forgot to pack my pajamas.  I just didn’t trust that hotel for anything…  oh eww!  I so hope the housekeeping staff gets their rear ends chewed.

and FYI, for those interested…  it was an independently owned Ramada franchise on the east coast.  And no.  I will not be staying there again.  ever.

Ick!  Eww!  Yeech!

I have never been so glad to be home in my life…

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