Seeking God

I have been under a tremendous amount of stress lately. Admittedly some of it has been of my own making. My Mom gave me some advice… she told me to get back into my devotionals… talk about a DUH! moment! *S* so here goes:

From today’s Simple Abundance reading:

Find your “True North”, your contentment and joy. Artist Georgia O Keefe decided that if she could not live where she wanted, go where she wanted, or even speak as she wanted, she would at least paint as she wanted.

Just like my mom was telling me the other day… find what brings you joy and immerse yourself in it. For her, it’s Christian Comedy tapes. If it’s got Ken Davis or Mark Lowry, it’s hers.

For me… it’s music. I love to lose myself in a song, and sing along, loudly, and often times off-key. The evil ones in my neighborhood may have made it so I can not even speak freely in my own home… But I can still listen to my music, as loud as I want to. Well, as loud as my kids will allow. *S* And my kids are used to my off-key singing…

From Lisa Whechel’s The Busy Mom’s Guide to Wisdom:

Verse for the week:

If you seek it like silver and for it as hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

Proverbs 2:4-5

If you were given a map to a great treasure… Would you dismiss it, ignore it, not even attempt to find the time to go looking? Is not the opportunity to know God worth even a little effort on my part?

Today I will: Pray. More than just at mealtimes.

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  1. yea…. I have a blog I meant to post.. but I just can’t… the short story is I discovered that the oh-so-lovely neighbor of mine has been listening to my private conversations through my oven exhaust fan…. he he he… I got her though… he he he… I started blasting Kutless through the fan. he he he… She hates rock. Later I’ll dj some DC Talk, cuz she hates rap, and even later, i’ll turn on my spanish music… cuz she really hates that. he he he…. oh yea…

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