Product Review: OneNote

Yes, it’s a microsoft product. Yes, it’s semi-expensive. ( – Reg. $99.99, on sale now for $79.99) But it’s also oh so amazing!

It’s primarily a note taking software, geared toward students. My DH got it for me, because he’s learned that HomeSchooler’s use it to keep track of their lesson plans and grades and all. Since we haven’t started school yet, I’ve choosen to use it to eliminate the mountains of little peices of paper that surround me daily. I’ve been FLYing along here long enough to know that I need lists. I think I inheirted that trait from my mom, actually. I am the reigning queen of the To-Do list. I think I currently have about 8 of them floating around my desk. And, sadly, no they are not all the same, and yea… most of things on each list are still pending. *S*

OneNote is great because I can keep track of everything at once! *S* I have my To-Do list, and instead of starting a fresh one each morning, I can add to the one I have, and mark off things that get done. I can also re-order the list with just a drag of the mouse, so if something that was a low priority yesterday suddenly needs to be at the top of the list, just drag it up there!

I’m also using it to keep track of my layout ideas. I have so many photos, and often not enough time to get to them all… but I can easily drag a photo (one note places a copy on your page and leaves the orignal alone!) and write my little blurb about it, including where to find the photo again. so next time I feel the need to scrap, but feel at a loss for where to start, I have plenty of LOs waiting, with all the information I need in one place!

Besdies my To Do lists, and LO ideas, I’m using it to keep track of gifts I’ve bought (with all three of my children’s birthdays and Christmas between November and April, I’ve got to start gift shopping early!). I’m using it to maintain my geneology research, and my daily routines. I can even write with my wacom tablet, so if I want to sketch things out, or just want the feel of a pen and paper, I can do that too. *S*

Basically, OneNote has become my Control Journal. I think I may have finally found something that works for my ADD self! *S* If you’d like to test it out, check out

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