Well… it’s been one of those days… you know, when I feel like a walking train wreck. My hips hurt, my knees hurt… and of course the kids fight worse then usual because Mom can’t move well enough to play with them the way they want… *sigh* I hate using TV as a babysitter… but on days like today, when it’s way to hot outside, and mom can hardly move…. well… that rack of DVDs looks pretty good. Lucky for me, DH works nights. So on days like today, he plays with them and entertains them in the morning, then after lunch puts the younger two down to naps before he goes to work… then I’ve got a few hours between naptime and dinner… normally dinner and dessert end in bath and bed time… so it won’t be all that long until bedtime… and thanks to Atlantis… the last hour and a half has passed relativly fight free. Although the movie is winding down… and the fights are slowly ramping up. *sigh* Life is so fun when you are living with three very dramatic children. *S*
On the bright side… I did manage to do a LO today. *S* Aren’t you all proud of me?? *S* I even used one of my own kits! *S* Aren’t you doubly proud of me?? *S* Here’s my oldest, just Chillin’ in our pool. *S*

Kit Used: Lorraine Yuriar’s Summer Fun
fonts – Mailart Rubberstamp, Angelina.
I was experimenting with the Black & White setting on my camera, and I came up with these shots of my DS playing in the pool in the backyard. In a lame attempt to protect my son from cyber-stalkers, I blurred out his chest due to identifying marks.
Journaling reads:
A— Loves playing in our small pool. He loves jumping in, making splashes, and just…. Chillin’
Dinner tonight will have to be burgers cuz I forgot to take something out earlier. DD3 had requested Stuffing… so that should be an interesting combo… Stuffing, Burgers, and veggies… She’s also asking to watch Finding Nemo… *sigh* Part of me really just wants to put it on and let her veg out… but the mom in me knows any more TV and they will be more hyper then they already are…. *sigh* Off to break up another fight… *sigh*
Only 2 1/2 more hours til bedtime. I can hardly wait! Once they are down, I’m hitting the Aleve! *S*

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