LockeDown – 2.17

Seriously….  if you haven’t seen LOST season two…  spoilers ahead!

Wow! Such a great epi! Did you see? Did you see?? The map! oh my.. that’s all anyone could talk about for the longest time…. the map on the back of the blast door… here’s a link to a place that has an awesome shot, plus translations and more:


But on to my impressions of the whole show…. First, I stand by my statements that this is the most overanalyzed show on TV…. That said…. *S* here is my analysis…. *S*

The more I see of Locke’s dad, the more I am convinced that he is the orignal “Sawyer” that Sawyer is after. Afterall, we see so many other backgrounds interweave… Anthony Cooper, AKA Locke’s Dad, is obviously not just a con man, but a damn good one at that… Not only did he con Locke out of a kidney, but he also conned Locke into doing his dirty work in getting the money. The scene at the hotel room, I kept waiting for the bad guys to show up and lay the beat down on Locke.
There are rumors floating through the ABC boards that Helen, Locke girl, may have been in on it with Anthony Cooper. I’m not sure that I believe that. I think she may have followed Locke to the airport hotel because she didn’t trust him. What I find interesting is that this is apparently the same woman that he was calling in a previous episode (from Season 1) Then she was a phone sex girl, and was totally freaked out by the fct the Locke kept calling her just to talk, and wanted to meet her…. Somehow, he’s convinced her to meet him, and she’s really fallen for him… prolly happened after the Kidney surgery… She’s there to get him past the stuff his dad did to him…

**Connection Alert**

We learn that Locke used to have his own business inspecting homes. Turn’s out he’s a real “jack of all trades” as in Season one he was working in a dept. store when Cooper found him to con him out of a kidney… and he was also working for a Box Company (presumably the one owned by Hurley) after his legs were paralyzed. but in this episode, we see him inspecting a home for a woman who turns out to be Nadia, Sayid’s Nadia, and she’s not married!

Meanwhile, AnaL, Sayid, and Charlie find a blloon with a smily face, and a shallow grave. So we are led to believe that Henry Gale’s story is true… then at the end of the show, when the trio returns to the hatch, Sayid reveals that he dug up the grave, and found not the body of a woman, but a man, who still had his wallet, with his license. the license is flashed, and we can clearly see that the true Henry Gale is not the diminuative scared white guy they’ve had locked in the hatch’s former armory… but the true Henry Gayle is a big black guy. Oops! the jig is up! so who are you, “Henry”?

Also, yet another question has been answered… Where did the food come from?? Jack and Kate spot a becaon light in the jungle as they are walking to the hatch just after dark. the beacon light is attached to a rather large pallet of food. So the food is dropped in. but this leads to a host of other questions? how did it get dropped? a plane? why didn’t anyone hear it?? why didn’t anyone see anything?

Then, I come at last to the map. who ever drew it was trapped for a long time behind the blast doors. My personal thought, is that is something that was started by one crew, and has been added to by others as more about the island is discovered. But why on the back of the blast door? why not on the main wall where you would have access to it at all times. I think it’s on the blast door, in blacklight ink to hide it from the Dharma higher ups. It has been recently brought to the attention of the boards that the Mural in the hatch is slowly changing, yet we don’t see anyone making the changes. it’s entirely possible that Dharma has the place bugged, so they can monitor their test subjects (in this case being Jack, Locke, and the crew) I think Dharma also has a way in, so that they can waltz in whenever they want to inspect items they can’t see through their bugs, IE: any diarys or writings and such. It would make sense that during a black out in the hatch, the bugs which I think are hard wired into the hatch would be shut off. Afterall, the guys are trapped behind the blast doors, they can’t get into that much trouble…. It think that someone figured this out back in the eighties, and has been working on the map during blackouts ever since. That’s why it’s on the back of the blast door, to hide it from dharma, so that dharma wouldn’t know how many of the dots were being connected.

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