Women on Subs = Not a good idea.

Despite concerns from critics over privacy, costs and the possibility of sexual activity, the Navy says it’s ready, willing, able, and now ready to put women on submarines.  (Source)

This is a stupid, stupid, very dumb, not-so-smart idea.

I love that the story points out that Navy wives don’t like this idea at all.  DURRR! Ya think?  Geez.

But some of the sailors’ spouses don’t share that indifference.

“The Navy wives, I think, are the most vocal,” said Linda Cagle, the owner of a restaurant near the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base. “They do not think it’s a good idea, they do not want women on submarines with their husbands or their boyfriends.”

The Navy hopes the penalties for “fraternizing” — ranging from fines to dismissal and two years’ confinement – will ease some of those concerns.

Because oh yeah… those penalties for “fraternizing” do such a bang-up job of prevent “it” from happening on board co-ed boats now.  Right.  /sarcasm.

Ugh.  I am a Navy Wife.  (Ok, so he’s retired now.  You can take the man out of the Military, but you can’t take the Military out of the man. Same can be said for the spouses. Seriously.)  I am blessed with a husband that I trust, with my heart and my life.  That said, I don’t think women belong on the Carriers, let alone other sea-going vessels.

I have no problem with women in the military.  I have no problem with women in the same shore-duty squadrons as men.  I have a problem with putting a bunch of men and women together in a floating city, and then separating those individuals from their spouses for 6 months plus a year.

I understand the argument that women don’t get the same opportunities to advance their military careers if they aren’t allowed to serve on board.  I have a solution – make a female-only boat/carrier/sub/etc.  But do not make our submarines co-ed.

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