Steve King has a set of big brass ones.

Steve King, Republican from Iowa said on the floor of the House last Thursday night:

“it seems the President has an inclination to engage in these kinds of things. When he had an Irish cop and a black professor, who did he side with? He jumped to a conclusion without having heard the facts, and he ended up having to have a beer summit.”

When it comes to immigration laws, King said, “We need a mission at the top. The President of the United States has got to articulate a mission. Instead, he is playing race bait games to undermine the law enforcement in the State of Arizona and across the country, and undermining the efforts of our Border Patrol, ICE, and customs border protection.”

Go read the whole thing.  Jake Tapper even has embedded video of Iowa Rep. Steve King just nailing the Prez on this Arizona law = racial discrimination thing.

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