Clerical Error, Not Voter Fraud

Chris Dove claimed voter fraud at the last city council meeting. Turns out, there were about 15 houses on his street that were sent registration cards with the wrong precinct name on it.

By: Vox Efx

I must disclose, I’ve met with Susan Saunders. She is a nice woman, and does not strike me as the kind of woman who would sabotage her career just to keep someone in their council seat, as Chris Dove alleged at council meeting.

Dove did tell the paper that he was glad to hear it was just a clerical error, and since neither of those districts have had a district-related election since the redistricting, no election outcomes are in question.

Thanks to a big heads up from Chris Dove, the error is being corrected, and new cards issued.

Read the whole story at the Suffolk News Herald.

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