The Sinking of the Lusitania

When the RMS Lusitania was sunk off the coast of Ireland in May of 1915, it became the rallying cry that led America to enter the war.  Roughly 2,000 people were on board, including 200 Americans, and 129 children.  As we near the 100 year anniversary, I expect to see a lot of information hitting the internet.  Until then, there is an interesting account of a WW1 propaganda animation done by Windsor McCay over at, which includes the film in it entirety. It’s a very interesting little film.

There’s a neat little Lego video done by Big Jake Studios.


There’s also a movie, the Discovery Channel’s 2007 Sinking of the Lusitania, starring John Hannah.  The full movie is on Youtube, until the copyright gets enforced and it gets pulled down.  I haven’t watched the full movie yet, so parents may want to preview it before showing it.  At this writing, I’m a half hour in, and nothing objectionable yet. Enjoy.


UPDATE:  I watched the film. There is nothing objectionable that I saw. It’s very well done.  Enjoy!

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